Sahyog Shiksha Sansthan - The Way Of Education

by Satyavir Singh

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    Reena has made us proud!!
    Reena is a teenage girl who had not been to school for a single day before getting associated with Shiksha. She has been a regular student in our programme for the last eight months and got highest marks in our June exam. Great going!


    I have had a privilege to travel and discover rural India as a part of my job. During my visits to villages in District Kota in Rajasthan, I witnessed children from poor families struggling hard to afford basic and quality education at government Schools in the locality. The attendance registers were long but hardly 10% of the strength came to attend classes.  

    We found out that the reason behind the absence was a lack of guidance to complete the home-work and for revision of the lessons. Their parents, being illiterate, were helpless to provide any guidance at home. The children were, therefore, scared to go to school and face teachers. Also, the teachers having a government job, didn’t seem very interested in helping out the children.



    After figuring out the loopholes, we started going door-to-door to educate parents that sending children to school is important. We also counselled the children who did not attend the school ever and motivated them to start attending the classes and school.

    We came up with the concept of after school tutorial classes. The first roadblock, in order to start the classes, was having a teaching space. We held a meeting with the Gram Panchayat and they appreciated our cause and allowed us to use the Panchayat Building in the evenings.   

    Once we had the space, with a group of volunteers, we designed modules (based on Rajasthan Board and NCERT curriculum) and conducted aptitude tests of the students. We also taught them the subjects they were weak in. Few classes were conducted, and in a week, the difference was seen and appreciated. The children, with increased interest towards subjects, started attending schools.

    The strength of the tutorial classes soared quickly, from a few students, the number became close to 60 in couple of weeks. The panchayat building was small to accommodate these many students. We contacted the junior government school in that area, so that we could hold classes there in the evening, but didn’t get a positive response. A private school owner, who was touched with our efforts, came forward and offered us to use his school in the evenings. We shifted our tutorial classes to the new premises and then we moved our classes to the local primary school.   

    The students were divided into four groups A, B, C, and D. Two consecutive classes formed a group. Class 7 & 8 formed group A and they were taught together as class 8 student needs to learn 80% of class 7. Same went for other three groups i.e. B with class 5 & 6, C with class 3 & 4 and D with class 1 & 2. We also formed a special group for the students who never went to school and for the students with disabilities. Along with teaching and taking feedbacks, the teachers also took tests on a periodic basis to detect students’ performance and awarded them in accordance with their ranks in classes. The awards and gifts encouraged the students to study harder. Extra-curricular activities were also organized.



    The support and expectations of everyone led us to make a firm decision of taking this project to a larger scale. Hence, we decided to form an NGO and replicated the above at a village in District Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh. The result has been more than satisfying; we currently have around 250 children attending classes at the UP center. We are also absorbing the entire cost of education of the children who have lost their parents.  

    We, at the moment, are running two centers and have already touched the lives of around 400 children.To take the project to a larger scale and for further development in education at rural areas, we would require school supplies like computers, dedicated space to conduct classes, books, stationary etc., for which we need your support.

    We hope that you will join us in providing joy and quality education to these wonderful children. May God bless you and thank you for your support!

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Rs. 17,335

raised by 9 people

4% funded

Rs. 3,50,000 Goal
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