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by Saksham Leekha

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    Who am I?

    My name is Saksham Leekha. I am a 26 year old singer/songwriter/music composer from New Delhi. I have always been affected by the things we hear in the news, every now and then. It hurts me to see that India despite seventy years of freedom has not gotten over things like caste and religion based discrimination; homosexuality is still illegal; crimes against women is all time high and increasing every year. I was a part of the anti-corruption crusade at Jantar Mantar and Ram Leela Maidan in Delhi; I was also a part of the Nirbhaya rape case protests at India gate until the end. I have always been a crusader and wish to bring change. I have the medium of music by my side for I am a singer/music composer.

    About Project Krati

    Project Kranti is a cause based music video project. In the current scenario where most 'superhit' music videos focus on luxury cars, booze and parties; Project Kranti is an initiative that focusses on the various problems the country is going through. It is well known that music creates massive impact on the society and unknowingly inspires everyone. Project Kranti will inspire you to think and analyse where we have been going wrong as a society and as a country. Every music video will focus on serious issues like crime against women in the county, the dowry situation, the environmental problems like alarming levels of air pollution in Delhi et al. 'Project Kranti' is about giving up on our comforts and raising our voice against wrongdoing of every kind. It appeals to the youth to give up the comforts of ordinary life and the attitude of "iss desh ka kuchh nahi hosakta".

    'Kranti' needs you and you need it.  


    Why I need your help?

    Producing high quality music videos that inspire millions of Indians is not an inexpensive passion; I realised this after I self-produced the music video of 'Uth Jaag'. I have full faith in the fact that I can write, compose and create powerful songs that will inspire people, however Project Kranti needs your help to sustain and create impactful music videos. Everytime you support Project Kranti, 50% of your fund supports a real cause that needs your attention.

    For this song, we have partnered with Stop Acid Attacks(NGO working for acid attack survivors). SAA has been doing incredible and unprecedented work for the various acid attack survivors in the country. Stop Acid Attacks not old helps them monetarily. It is a family of young people who have dedicated their lives in the service of creating awareness for the cause of acid attack survivors. SAA has given the confidence and courage to many survivors to lead an ordinary life. SAA needs your help to sustain. 


    The other fifty percent of what you donate today will be used by Project Kranti to produce its next music video, which again towards the end supports another cause. Our next video shows a futuristic Delhi, year 2030. The air is so bad to breathe that the city has been shut down for everyone. Very few survivors are left. Young children sing this song and question the audience as to why they let it all happen despite having known all along. If you liked out video for 'Uth Jaag', I assure you goosebumps in the next one.


    The lyrics read something like this: 


    "Jal Raha Sheher hai, 

    Dhue ka Kehar Hai, 

    Saans Lena Bhi yaha, 

    Ban gaya Zehar Hai


    Ghut Raha hai ye jaha,

    Shehar ye beemar hai

    Nark jaisa ye samaa

    kaun zimmewar hai?"


    SAA and Project Kranti need your help. Your hard earned money will inspire millions of young Indians by our next music video and support Stop Acid Attacks. If this is not a nobel cause to donate to, then what is?


    Thank You!

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Rs. 2,951

raised by 2 people

0% funded

Rs. 5,00,000 Goal
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