Need Money For My Mom's Recovery

by Punya Pradeep

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    My mom is 62 years old. She is suffering from multiple problems with Brain TB (Meningitis), Lungs Infection, Aortic Aneurism (Need urgent heart surgery).

    We admitted her in Manipal Hospital in December, 2015. The neurologist had wrongly diagnosed her problem and prescribed wrong medication which made her condition very very bad. And we paid 4 lac to the hospital. They diagnosed as multi cysticercosis (Multiple Tapeworms in Brain) and started Albendazole and Steroids. These both medicines are very toxic if wrongly given. She was getting better externally only because of steroids, but at the same time increasing infections internally. Suddenly she got worse with senselessness and stiff neck and limbs.

    When she got worse, we again took her to Manipal Hospital thinking that they know her condition very well, and they again admitted her in ICU. They told that if they were going to treat her in Manipal Hospital, they will admit her in ICU, or else they won't allow her in the hospital. We had no money that time, but to save her, we had to agree with them. They kept her in ICU for 1 night and gave us the bill of 1 lac. We were not disclosed of the treatment that was administered to her and we were kept in dark. We kept quiet, as our main concern was mom's recovery. The treating Neurologist was not available that time, so a new neurologist came to see her this time, and he came to know that it was Brain TB, not Tape worms. So TB medicines started. They shifted her in ward with only sodium correction in ICU, which could also be done in ward. We had payed 4 lacs to the hospital for the wrong diagnosis, and this time, payed another 8 lacs for TB treatment for more than 2 months in the hospital. After spending this much money also, she was in the same state. We brought her home as we had no money to keep her in the hospital for a single day also.

    After one week, we took her to NIMHANS with some hope as it is one of the best govt hospital in Bangalore with less expenses.. They did nothing, but told to continue the same medicines. But they told that she was having Aortic Aneurism after a CT scan of the chest, with the sac size of 5 cm, which can rupture any time, which means spot death any time. I was literally in coma. How come Manipal couldn't know this? And it is in its last stage which needed to be operated ASAP. She is still bed-ridden and immobile.

    I consulted with many cardio surgeons. They all told that until and unless she improves, they cannot do surgery. We brought her home after 2 weeks in NIMHANS. We paid again 40,000.

    Till now we have managed to pay 15 lacs for my mom, and need your support for the heart surgery which is costing close to 6 lakhs.

    So I urge you, to join beside us to raise money to help her with the challenges of her recovery. Any donation you can make will keep her going. Please Contribute any amount you can- big or small. It'll make a difference. Your funds will directly go to the hospital for her treatment.

    Patient Details:

    Patient Name: Mrs Babuni Devi

    Hospital: Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

    Hospital Number: 1979161

    Reference Doctor: Dr. Uday Murgood (Neurologist), Dr. Ravi Raghavan (Internal Medicine), Dr. Anand Shenoy (Cardiologist), Dr. Naveen Mathew (Rehabilitation)


    Youtube Links:

    What is Thoracic Aortic Aneurism:


    Thank you!

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Rs. 1,52,928

raised by 99 people

25% funded

Rs. 6,00,000 Goal
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