Rohtak Fir Banega

by Anirudh Bishnoi

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Rs. 5,00,000 Goal
    Rohtak Fir Banega
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    Koi Bazm Kya Sajao, Mera Shehar Jal Raha Hai.
    Bhala Kaise Muskurao, Mera Shehar Jal Raha Hai.

    Tere Shehar Mein Baharein, Mere Shehar Main Khiza Hai
    Main Yeh Kaise Bhool Jaun, Mera Shehar Jal Raha Hai.

    Tere Shehar Main Charaga, Mere Shehar Main Andhaira
    Koi Deep Kya Jalao, Mera Shehar Jal Raha Hai.

    Mere Shehar K Yeh Vaasi, Abhi So Rahe Hain.
    Inhein Kisi Tarah Jagao, Mera Shehar Jal Raha Hai.



    For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel
    like home.

    - Simon Van Booy


    Some of us don’t know each other. Some of us maybe don’t like each other. Some of us are just acquaintances. Some of us are family. Some of us are friends since childhood. Some of us live in India. Some of us have left the shores of our country.

    There may be a thousand things that separate us but the one thing that ties us together is Rohtak; the city where most of us grew up, the city where we learned how to live our lives, the city that made us what we are today.

    The city that is in ruins today, the city that needs our help today…

    Whatever has happened has happened; now it is time to act and to act, we don’t care what caste we belong to, we don’t care who did this, we don’t care about any political agenda; all of that is separate and we may not agree on any of it but what we can all agree on is that we have to do our part to rebuild our city and its destroyed public property.

    If we can’t be there to help physically, then the least we can do is to help monetarily.

    There is no hidden agenda behind this request and we don’t expect all of us to agree with each other’s views, this initiative is simply about giving back to the city that gave us so much. With that in mind, we have started a fund raising campaign to collect money and at its completion, we will present a check to the city authorities with whatever amount that we are able to collect (We have set the goal as 5,00,000 but if we meet it then great, else we will collect whatever we can in the next 30 days and give it to the city. If we exceed it, then it just goes to show how much we love our city)

    I have started this off with a personal contribution of Rs. 10,000. There is no minimum amount that anyone has to give - 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 or more; whatever you want to give is welcome and appreciated (You can donate anonymously as well if you don’t want others to know your contribution). This is not about how much we give; this is about us trying to help in any way we can. The website accepts donations in both INR and USD.

    We will keep everyone who contributes to the cause posted about the status of this drive through regular updates. 

    We never usually ask to share anything on FB (or other social media sites) but this time I am humbly requesting you to share the link for this fundraiser with your friends, your old school teachers, neighbors, colleagues, family; essentially anyone that wants to help.

    Let’s do our part in restoring Rohtak to what it once was; who knows through all our efforts, it might become even better than it was before. We won't let a mob destroy the place that is dear to our hearts and hope that this fundraising effort by us will be one of the many steps taken by the citizens to redevelop our city.

    Tuut gaya toh kya hua, ROHTAK FIR BANEGA…


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Rs. 3,294

raised by 1 people

0% funded

Rs. 5,00,000 Goal
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