Crowdfunding Will Make Non-profit Giving Affordable, Transparent And Organized In India

December 05, 2014    Nureen     1 Comments

The divine and sacrosanct way of doing a no profit business is followed by the NGOs/NPOs. The NGOs start off with the motive of welfare to the society unlike the very ubiquitous motive of any business organization – profit. Now the point to ponder about is when the intention is crystal clear and sacrosanct what are the factors that restrict Read more >

Crowdfunding Next Big Thing For Indian Economy

December 05, 2014    Nureen     2 Comments

Crowdfunding Next Big Thing For Indian EconomyIn today’s scenario where technology has grown leaps and bounds, it is sheer stupidity if the technology hasn’t been used to the fullest. From the basic requirements of existence to the best of luxury technology has its presence felt substantially. Having considered this, the major challenge that man faces today is efficient usage of this monster called technology. Have we Read more >