Support Sheros Hangout Run By Acid Attack Fighters by Stop Acid Attack

" The Sheroes Hangout Project Directly Benefitting Project For Acid Attack Survivors This entrepreneurial project is planned and implemented by the CHHANV FOUNDATION in favour of the STOP ACID ATTACKS Campaign against acid "   read more..

Non-Profit OrganizationsNon-Profit Organizations



Rs. 19,61,200
Raised Amount

Rs. 20,00,000
Goal Amount


maharashtra - save the farmers from suicide
Maharashtra - Save The Farmers From Suicide
by Please Save The Farmers


Rs. 24,673
Raised Amount


save the dreams of bawana's girls
Save The Dreams Of Bawana's Girls
by Shivi Development Society India
  • New Delhi


Rs. 14,100
Raised Amount


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